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South Jersey Masters
Established in 1981, South Jersey Master's Soccer is a league of 32 teams in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties. We play Spring and Fall seasons of about 14 games a piece. All games are played at 9:30 or 10:00AM on Sundays. FIFA rules apply except that unlimited substitutions are allowed and the game consists
of four 20 minute quarters. The league is open to all players born in 1986 or earlier.  Interested players should contact the appropriate team representative.
For information, call Stan Smith at 609-410-7968
or via
Email at stanes@aol.com


Any make-up games must be played on or before December 19th. No make-up games can be played after the cut off date of December 19th.

Moorestown II of the Continental Division will not be fielding a team for the
rest of the Fall 2021 Session. For consistency all games involving MRST2 will be treated as a 3 to 0 Forfeit Win for the opposing team

The league will re-organize the Continental and Global Divisions for the
Spring 2022 Session to assure that neither Division has any more
than a single BYE team

Any changes to Team Reps, Field loations, uniforms or any incorrect information on the website should be emailed to stanes@aol.com and cc'd to admin@sjmasters.net




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